Dear Silas,

Right now you are a couple hours into your second month. You are getting so big. I thought you were big at one month, but no, now you're for real way bigger than when you were born. You weigh over 11 lbs and eat ALL the time. Big growing boy! AHH you are so sweet. Gma Vicki came to stay with us for a week while papa went to a conference in Washington DC. And then we took you on your first road trip! Boy was it a big one! First we drove to Macomb to visit family. You met a ton of people. Everyone was so excited for you to come. While in macomb you went to your first rummage sales and you went to Gma and gpas church. After Macomb we headed to Indiana, stopping off in Champaign on the way to see Uncle Bob and Amanda. This was the day of the Boston marathon bombings. Papa had a conference in bloomington, IN for a couple days so we tagged along with him. You stayed in your first hotel. You also met Donny and Stacia there and went to your first art gallery to see Stacias senior show! You also got to see Donny's sculpture studio. Whew, it was a long but fun 12 day trip. You did so well in the car and meeting all the new people. This month you've been much more vocal. Talking, grunting, squealing, laughing. You also smile at us now. I LOVE it when you smile sweet gummy smiles. Grandma and grandpa fisher are up visiting for a few days. We just went to see the Knudsons and stopped into IKEA. Mommy is getting better at breastfed ding in public. Your 2 month appt is coming up soon and you're due for your first round of vaccinations. I'm a little torn as to what we should do about them. I'm trying to research and figure out what's best for you. More developments this month- you HATE having a wet diaper. Poopy you don't mind, but if you pee and we don't change you right away, you freeeeak you. Thank goodness for those blue lines, we can catch it early sometimes. You're also getting better at holding your head up and controlling your arms. You love looking out the windows and at any light. Overall I think mama and papa are getting better at knowing what you want/need. We love you SO much little man!!

xo, mama