Dear Silas,

Today you are 7 months old. Holy whoa. We went to your wellness check yesterday. You are in the 97th percentile for weight, 93rd percentile for head circumference and 53rd percentile for height. So basically, you are a chunker with a big head. Oh wait, we already knew that ;) But really, you are a very healthy, growing boy.  (Knock on wood) no illnesses yet and you are still sleeping through the night. Your gummies are bothering you a bit more now, but still no teeth popping out. This past month we’ve been trying out some solids. You seem to enjoy pickles, watermelon, tomatoes and bananas, while you don't care too much for green beans (your first food), avocado or sweet potatoes. You are so close to crawling. You can roll, scoot backwards and in circles, just can't seem to move forward yet. You love listening to papa play guitar. He sings to you almost every night. Mama reads you books and gives you baths. We walk together and shop together. You like being held all the time. When you aren't being held, well even when you are, you like to jump. I hope you never outgrow your johnny jumper. It calms you so. Not much will calm you these days when you get upset. I can't wait to see what this next month holds. Papa and I love you forever.

xo, mama