Dear Silas,

Today you are five months old! Holy sheet. Life is a little crazy right now, but you are happy as a clam. (what exactly does that phrase even mean? are clams happy? how can you tell?  i'll have to google it). We are getting ready for a big move in just two short weeks. We're downgrading downsizing from a two story house to a two bedroom apartment. Yikes. It's a bit saddening to leave the house we've called a home for three years and the place you were born, but we need to focus on the positives. I know you'll be happy living closer to your friend Luke. (and mama will be happy Target is right down the road) Also, maybe mama has a shot at actually keeping this new place tidy since it's so much smaller ;) Decorating a new space is always fun too. Oh yeah, best part- there's a pool! You LOVE the water. Let's cross our fingers the garage sale goes well and all our things find loving new homes.

This month you've become even more vocal. You really enjoy grunting, or humming, papa and I aren't really sure what sound you're making, but it's funny. You also love doing this thing your papa calls 'the buffalo'. It's where you're standing up and then you bend forward at the hips resting your head on whoever is holding you. Your butt sticks out and it's too cute. You are still a champion nurser, and although we haven't been to the doctor lately, you are gaining weight and growing like a weed. Everyone thinks you are the cutest and they love the little curl right in the middle of your forehead. As far as sleeping goes, you're rocking it right now. Mama and gramma have taught you well. I won't get too excited though, as I'm sure a sleep regression is in order sooner than later. You've got a mean grip and like to pull hair, others as well as your own. Still no teeth. This month has been shit, but you are our light. We love you forever.

xo, mama

just hanging out with pirate piggy, on his lamby, sucking his thumb. ya know, the usual. 

today was full of highs and lows. we hadn't really been out of the house in two or three days due to the HOT HOT weather, but for some reason, we ventured out today. it's still HOT. but there's a little breeze. we ran some errands, went to target, sold some clothes. all was fine and dandy. i even managed to get a whole lotta laughs out of him. (usually only papa can do this). well, then we had had enough. the screaming angry fit began and lasted all the way home. luckily, these fits don't happen too often (yet). and it probably was my fault for pushing my luck running all over town in this heat with a four month old. i've been learning quite a few lessons this week really. just when i think i have this whole mama thing down, silas is quick to remind me that i don't. parenting is quite the adventure. i'm learning to take the good with the bad. 

all is well. happy weekend!

xo, mama

First off, I just have to say- WOOO! I am teaching myself how to use GIMP (kinda like Photoshop, but not, and free). So I made this product collage last night and had to pat myself on the back. It may not seem like much, it probably took way too long, and it could look better, but hey, I did it!! Best part is that now I know how and there's no turning back. I'ma be allllll over this wishlist/collage making thing.   Here's the first installment of many. 

I love using Pinterest to keep track of everything in the world, but sometimes products I want to buy get lost in the mix of everything in the world. So I'm going to post frequent wishlists featuring items I'm loving at the moment as well as some products we already use and love. 

xo, mama