First off, I just have to say- WOOO! I am teaching myself how to use GIMP (kinda like Photoshop, but not, and free). So I made this product collage last night and had to pat myself on the back. It may not seem like much, it probably took way too long, and it could look better, but hey, I did it!! Best part is that now I know how and there's no turning back. I'ma be allllll over this wishlist/collage making thing.   Here's the first installment of many. 

I love using Pinterest to keep track of everything in the world, but sometimes products I want to buy get lost in the mix of everything in the world. So I'm going to post frequent wishlists featuring items I'm loving at the moment as well as some products we already use and love. 

xo, mama


  1. I think the collage looks great! Love off-beat kiddo toys. Particularly the little cat. :)

  2. this is awesome! and now i know about Gimp! let's play...

  3. Great picks! Love them! Keep them coming...