just hanging out with pirate piggy, on his lamby, sucking his thumb. ya know, the usual. 

today was full of highs and lows. we hadn't really been out of the house in two or three days due to the HOT HOT weather, but for some reason, we ventured out today. it's still HOT. but there's a little breeze. we ran some errands, went to target, sold some clothes. all was fine and dandy. i even managed to get a whole lotta laughs out of him. (usually only papa can do this). well, then we had had enough. the screaming angry fit began and lasted all the way home. luckily, these fits don't happen too often (yet). and it probably was my fault for pushing my luck running all over town in this heat with a four month old. i've been learning quite a few lessons this week really. just when i think i have this whole mama thing down, silas is quick to remind me that i don't. parenting is quite the adventure. i'm learning to take the good with the bad. 

all is well. happy weekend!

xo, mama

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