Dear Silas,

Today you are 6 months old! Seriously, half a year? What? No! Okay. You are becoming quite the little man. You are such a happy baby with a side of silly. You laugh now, like actual belly laugh giggles, and they are wonderful. You are so curious. Everything you grab goes straight to your mouth. We've recently set you in the highchair during mealtimes and you are very interested in what's going on. I think we are about ready to start solids! Mama has been reading up on baby led weaning, and I think it's the route we will take. Or at least try. I'm excited for you to experience new things like food. You are still a champion nurser, but the punching, pulling, pinching games have begun. You are easily distracted during milky time especially when the animals are near. You LOVE your animals. You've just recently really started to notice and watch them. They are just the silliest things to you. We have yet to see any teeth, although they may be coming. You've been a little fussier lately. The normal changing, feeding, rocking, playing doesn't soothe you as easily. On the mobile front, you rolled all the way over all by yourself a couple weeks ago! You also really love to stand, still. During tummy time you do a little inchworm move where you lay your head down on the ground and scoot a bit. No real crawling yet, but I think sooner than later. We have been going for walks every day since the move. You are growing out of your clothes ridiculously fast. You love to blow bubbles and stick out your tongue. You like to carry around your cup. You still pull your hair, mostly when you're tired or hungry. You are too sweet. Papa and I love you forever.

xo, mama

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