Dear Silas,

Today you are eight months old, and boy are you wild. So wild. I think your extra craziness is because you are teething. Papa thinks you are frustrated that you can't crawl yet. You are still moving backwards and in circles. Not having to chase you around just yet is okay with me though. This month you discovered the screech, and you really enjoy practicing. I'm sure our neighbors are thrilled. You also fight sleep like none other. This is usually when the screech rears it's ugly head. You still love when papa plays the guitar and makes up songs for you. Boob and guitar are just about the only things that will calm you down when you're having a fit. Papa has started a new bedtime ritual of shaking your crazies out. It seems to help. I think this has been a big growing month for you, and no matter how nutty you are or become, we love you more than anything ever. 

A few things you're loving this month-
Watching The Colbert Report
Eating hummus
Reading Halloween stories
Riding in the shopping cart
Waking mama up by pulling her hair & poking her face
Hanging upside-down 

To the moon & back

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