The past few weeks have flown by. We have been busy hosting guests, traveling home and reaching milestones. Silas can crawl now! See pic above! There is no stopping him. He can also pull himself up and walk along the furniture. This all happened within the past couple weeks. It is so crazy how fast he is growing. After Christmas it will be time to start planning his first birthday party! Fighting sleep and staying asleep is becoming more and more of an issue. Most mornings I wake up to Si staring at or poking me in the face. He's also recently discovered his voice, err, more so the fact that he can yell. He likes to get realllllly loud at inappropriate times. Which is funny and embarrassing. We're still breast feeding. Still no teeth. Still loves listening to papa play guitar. We are traveling driving to Florida for the holidays to visit family and I'm a little nervous for the really long car trip. What do you do in the car with a 9 month old for 16 hours?! We are breaking it up into two days, but still. I think I need an iPad. Hopefully next month's update won't be so late. Papa and I love you forever and ever.


Update: As of writing this post, buddy is getting a tooth!! Woohoo!

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