Dear Silas,

You are so old. You are growing way too fast. I really cannot believe you're almost one! Soon to be no longer an infant. Whoa. I've been busy planning your party. It's going to be in Macomb so that we can celebrate with family. You are up to three teefers. You haven't quite taken a first step, but it feels so close. I'm thinking by your birthday you'll be stumbling around. You enjoy 'reading' and 'rearranging' books, yelling and screeching at the top of your lungs, bobbing to music, 'playing' with the kitty and generally getting into things you shouldn't. You do not enjoy sleep, being contained in the living room by the baby gate, the word 'no', or getting your diaper changed. I've started working on a book of your first year, hoping to have it completed by your birthday. We love you forever and ever.


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