Papa wanted to celebrate his first father's day at the zoo, so to the zoo we went. Baby and papa got in for free which was awesome. We arrived mid-afternoon and all the animals seemed to be eating lunch or taking naps, but as the day went on more and more animals came out to 'play'. Silas met the camels, rhinos, lions, tigers, meerkats, otters, penguins, monkeys, peacocks, an owl and a giant rabbit. Speaking of peacocks, did you know they are extremely noisy? Oh yeah, and they can fly. Duh. Papa nor I realized that. Hahaha. We heard these loud noises coming from up in the tall trees and were all like 'whoa! peacocks can fly?!' Embarrassing, yes, but funny all the same. Good thing Silas isn't old enough yet to know his parents are dummies. Anywho, we all had a great time (even though I got sprayed by a tiger) and I can't wait to take Si back when he's a little bigger!

xo, mama

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