Dear Silas,

Today you are 4 months old! I cannot believe how fast you are growing. I don’t think I wrote you a 3 month note unfortunately. Okay so this past month you have grown a ton! We haven’t had your checkup yet, so I’m not sure exactly how much you weigh, but you’re heavy. And long. Maw maw is worried that you can’t roll over yet but I think you are just fine. You can hold your head up well and you are so strong. Tummy time is not your favorite unless you are on papa’s tummy. You also reallllly want to stand up. Recently you get very grumpy when we put you in the carseat. You used to LOVE going for rides, but I think you are just too interested in being up and seeing what’s going on now. You are all smiles when you aren’t having a fit. Your fits only happen a couple times a day. You’ve been sleeping like a pro! Mama has taught you well J You will be a champion napper like mama and may may. I’m thinking a sleep regression will come sooner or later, but for now you generally only eat once or twice during the night. We’ve been to Macomb twice now and we are getting ready for a big trip to the farm to meet your aunt, uncle and cousin Kaden!  
xo, mama

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